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More, NextPage tags and named anchors

This page is subject to frequent change.

I had a page with References at the bottom. I don’t want References to get in between my call to action and Comments – and most people don’t want to read them anyway. So I thought I could use the nextpage feature to shift References to a “second” page of the same post.

Great, but then the named anchor jumps stopped working eg say I refer to a footnote[1].

Clearly split pages change the url… but how? This test hopes to find that out.
Find out what happened!


Tested upload documents to WordPress.com on Xoom

Short answer: Only possible via email, which is easy to enable via the xoom.

Long answer, with lots of switching between app, dashboard and email, for those who might be curious:

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Tested WordPress for Android

WordPress it’s a complex tool, it’s like the back of a digital SLR… but that doesn’t work on a phone

–Matt Mullenweg, on announcing imminent simplified WordPress version, reported by Bobbie Johnson. I believe, though it might only be hope, that Matt was speaking of simplified write/edit interface, for managing content via phone or tablet. No dates though.

My request: Simpler, okay, but please don’t lose important structural functionality. I use headings and bullets more than in-line styling.

But back to the point in being here: testing WordPress for Android
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Tested “Quickpress” on Xoom tablet

Cannot recommend it:

It was a nightmare for me, but that might be because I’m too wordy and I don’t get my words right first go.

With QuickPress on Xoom tablet you can:

  • Compose a sentence – but don’t try to change after you leave a line.
  • Easily add comma-separated tags.
  • Pinch enlarge/shrink.
  • See a screen that looks like it should be easy to use. For example, following is the screen after I had typed a few lines:


Problems with QuickPress on Xoom tablet:

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