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WordPress as CMS: an annotated reading list

by Brian White of Solo Multimedia for iThemes Media

Icon shared under CC-BY-SA-3.0 and available at iThemes’ WordPress as a CMS Tutorial Website.

… Still planning to post about my ongoing evaluation of the tablet-readiness of WordPress for content management…(Update: posted 28 May)

In the meantime, I am also gathering background reading because I will not rehash what others know, and have written, better than I could (yet).  Yesterday contained some (admittedly easily found) starter reading on content management and where information architects fit in.

Today its a list of (again easily found) reading on the no longer disputed fact that WordPress is content management software, if not quite a “large-enterprise-level” CMS.

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On information architecture and content management

(a little annotated reading list)

Nothing new here.
(Although if you find this useful and I don’t know you, please do say Hi in the comments).

I plan to post an evaluation of the tablet-readiness of WordPress for content management (Update: posted May 28). I expect visitors to that post will already appreciate what content management is, the role of information architecture in content management and what information architects look for in content management software. (Because it seems unlikely they would find the post if they didn’t).  It certainly would not be efficient for anyone were I to rehash what has already been so well written, and so readily available with Google.

Nevertheless, just-in-case, starter background reading for you:
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