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WordPress as CMS, is it tablet-ready?

Xoom is my friend ❤

Too many hours at the desk – doctor shakes his head and sighs

With Xoom in hand, I wonder whether sufficient tools with tablet capability are available to facilitate mobile practice of information architecture. (As you may have noticed if you’ve read my posts on Gliffy and Websort).

So today, I am stepping beyond the well-trodden discussion of the relative utility of WordPress as content management software and asking a much narrower question:

How well might serve for managing content via tablet?

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WebSort : easy online card sorting [a review]

WebSort by UXPunk is an online tool designed for conducting and analysing remote card sorts. Its target market is website architects (or webmasters). Cardsorting aims to help solve the problem of organising a site’s content to meet audience needs and expectations.

Now that ambition is an obvious target for this novice bereted librarian, so I went to find out more.

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Gliffy: Easy, Friendly, Flashy [a review]

Gliffy is an easy, intuitive, online diagram editor – on Flash. I am testing it’s usefulness for communicating concepts visually in information architecture (IA).

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