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Venn diagram positioning this blog.

At the intersection of search skills, information structuring, and personal attributes.
(Venn produced with Gliffy)


Produced as an experiment in and a platform for an assignment in INF213 Information Architecture for the web at Charles Sturt University.

Tasked with publishing description and evaluation of three information architecture tools in a well architected site, I felt the only logical container for such content (other than an IA or UX journal) would be a practitioner’s blog.

The rest follows logically:

  • WordPress is touted as useful for content management so I could test it for the purpose while building my submission.
  • A blog needs personality and purpose and although I plan to continue sharing my experiments with other tools, I cannot imagine only writing about tools
  • … so for me, it fits at the intersection of my personality (curiosity), my desire to share what I learn (or opine); and my love of finding answers (although content on this latter, akin to Brian Herzog as Swiss Army Librarian’s Reference Questions, is yet to come).

Labelled variously: Mica, Michaelina, moonflowerdragon, Mum, dag; I:

  • love finding the information people need;
  • enjoy triggering the light of understanding in peoples’ eyes;
  • talk to the screen;
  • study librarianship, and
  • work in a university library in Victoria, Australia.

Thank you for visiting,

if you didn’t find what you expect, please tell me.

What would YOU like to see here?


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