Tested WordPress Dashboard on Xoom (and post by email)

This test focussed on content management beyond publishing pages or posts. Namely, managing tags, categories, contributor permissions and user interaction from the Dashboard.

All can be done quite easily, after pinch expanding the view to access the buttons which are really too small on the tablet. Thanks to Edward Kim’s No Root Screenshot It, I have pictures to share.

I am additionally trying this post by email. Apparently short codes can be used to apply categories and tags, and manage a whole lot more. Shall I send this in as a draft? I did not think it possible. I will because I am not sure how the attached images will display, and I will want to add captions too.

How it looked before I sent it:

I tired of handcoding headings and lists, so I decided to add those at the PC prior to publishing.

Post by email Success

Pretty blue email

This lovely email from WordPress confirmed that my post had arrived, showing that the shortcodes for More, Tags and Categories, had worked.

…and failure 😦

  • My hypertext html did not work. This may have something to do with the Xoom gmail editor.
  • I tried to upload 6 images. Only the last appeared. None of the others arrived at all
    Silver lining

    • the alt tag is blank. 🙂
    • It might not be a completely bad thing–one might learn to compose lighter pages.

Nevertheless, now that I have re-uploaded the images one by one with the app, I shall leave my imaginary beach and get back to the PC to properly convey the initial point of this post: that managing content via the Dashboard on a tablet works quite well.

And how irritating, all of the titles and captions I entered with the app have disappeared!

The Dashboard

lots of tiny

Great that I can see all of the features, but they are all so small and I do not yet have a stylus.

Many times, I forgot to pinch expand first, so I missed the menu I was aiming for and wasted time waiting for the Xoom to begin and stop opening the page.

Pinch to expand

It may not be a preference, particularly because I forget to do it, but at least it does enlarge.

Quick and bulk edit of tags and categories

Easily change a post’s name, url, status and date, tags, categories.

It is also easy to bulk edit to change the information architecture… of course over time, with more content it could get laborious, but it would be so even at a PC.

Manage contributor roles and permissions

There is, of course, more to CMS contribution management than this shows.

I did try to set up alternate accounts to test manage different contributor roles, but WordPress detected me each time and all my friends are busy – so that too may come later.

— Would you like to join Librarian Finds?

Manage user interaction

Although these are all pingbacks between my posts, you can see how–after pinch expanding–it is easy to moderate comments as needed.

What do you think?

Is there something else I should check?


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