More, NextPage tags and named anchors

This test has shown incompatibility of within post named anchors with the next-page code of WordPress.

While the following links will go back easily to the article in the first page. Hyperlinks from the first page would not reach here unless I linked using the full URL. Too time consuming and risk given my tendency to change my mind on the page title before I’ve fully finished.

Now of course I want my readers (if they have tried to read my full citations) to be able to jump right back to the article.
When I first tried this the anchors would not work after I put next page in.

  1. ___
  2. ___
  3. ___

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About Mica Meerbach

Labelled variously: Mica, Michaelina, Mum, dag. Librarian (AALIA) in Victoria, Australia.

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