More, NextPage tags and named anchors

This page is subject to frequent change.

I had a page with References at the bottom. I don’t want References to get in between my call to action and Comments – and most people don’t want to read them anyway. So I thought I could use the nextpage feature to shift References to a “second” page of the same post.

Great, but then the named anchor jumps stopped working eg say I refer to a footnote[1].

Clearly split pages change the url… but how? This test hopes to find that out.

  • And then
  • I talk
  • some more
  • making more citations
  • that some academic readers[2]
  • might like to check references for[3]
  • and have a fairly long
  • post
  • so long
  • that I when I finally get to the end

I don’t want a bunch of references to get in between my call to conversation and the commenting box.

I have tried

a bunch of silly things that didn’t work.

— Unfortunately the only solution I have found is untenable for frequent use, definitely not during drafting stages if there is any possibility I might want to change the post url. Because what before was a simple named link within the page now needs to be a full url as if each “page” of the post is a separate page altogether.

Maybe if I use Get Shortlink?

From the second page where the references are the jump back works with the shortlink.

  • does the shortlink stay the same if I edit the long url?
  • as expected even the shortlink/#naref does not reach the #naref in a second page of the post
  • Cannot simply add a /2/ to the shortlink

So I use a page break before my References but the Page 1 2 is below the social media buttons 😦

Cutting to the chase: I gave up, and now have one separate References page for all.


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