Tested WordPress for Android

WordPress it’s a complex tool, it’s like the back of a digital SLR… but that doesn’t work on a phone

–Matt Mullenweg, on announcing imminent simplified WordPress version, reported by Bobbie Johnson. I believe, though it might only be hope, that Matt was speaking of simplified write/edit interface, for managing content via phone or tablet. No dates though.

My request: Simpler, okay, but please don’t lose important structural functionality. I use headings and bullets more than in-line styling.

But back to the point in being here: testing WordPress for Android

Beginning with: creating a post straight from a text selection in the Xoom browser via Share:

On sharing via xoom browser WordPress is alphabetically low in the list of sharing apps



  • Simple ” icon to add blockquote tags before and after. However, it was selected therefore it was a quote, would have been nice for blockquote to be automatic.

    WordPress for Android‘s Post Editing screen has basic formatting options: Bold, italics, underline, strike through, link, blockquote and ‘more’ ‘ divider. But not the ones an information architect needs: Headers and lists.

  • Easily add image. – Image first appears as thumbnail. I did not realise at first that touching the image opens the option to include a caption and description. Unfortunately the default alt tag is still “image”. On return to edit after saving draft, edit screen shows html instead of image so alt can be improved.
  • This also lets me structure with html for headings and bullets. Not preferred, but better than not.

Content management features too

  • Easily enter tags, assuming comma-separated.
  • Easily apply and even add new top level categories.
  • Can save status as ‘pending review’, or ‘private’.
  • Easily alter date or time of post.
  • Options for post format – I do not yet understand the effect such might have.

Not so great:

  • Does not automate non-visual accessibility of image content.
  • Link asks for URL and text, but I had selected and copied the text, not the URL. Of course, now that I know how it works, if I want to do this again I hope I remember to copy the Url before I select text to quote.  It also doesn’t offer links to other posts.
  • ‘More’ lets me insert a break point, but why? When there are none of the format options needed for longer posts, like bullets or headings?
  • Cannot check or edit auto-url prior to publish.

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