Tested upload documents to WordPress.com on Xoom

Short answer: Only possible via email, which is easy to enable via the xoom.

Long answer, with lots of switching between app, dashboard and email, for those who might be curious:

Second and third in Paul Boag’s list of functionality typically required in content management software refer to managing additional ‘assets’ such as documents.

As it is apparently not yet possible to attach or upload a document with WordPress for Android (the App), I did create this post in the dashboard. However, unlike my first test, I could not enter any text from the dashboard this time. So, this text is courtesy of the app, which lets me use the built in voice recognition, and puts the cursor where my finger tells it to.

… a very short trip back to the dashboard… .

Imagine: I am away from the office. The document is on my Xoom, but neither the app, nor the dashboard will help me upload a pdf…


…much longer trip, including premature publication, now edited away…
“Post by Email” at WordPress Support explains, among its information, how to upload files by email without publishing a post at the same time by adding media+ to my secret email. (Otherwise Post by email is auto publish). Now that page also suggests that non image files require purchase of Space Upgrade. Luckily I had also opened “Accepted File types”, which declares no upgrade required for documents… and I successfully emailed in a pdf.

… shifting back to dashboard to try attaching to this post… mmhm attaching insufficient,
… oh blast that means inserting, which means editing the post, which means trying to locate the spot to insert it (remember what a pain that is at the dashboard on a tablet) still if I pop it in anywhere I can switch back to the app to relocate it!…

So: must edit post at dashboard, add media, from media library tab, show (can now caption and add description) … and insert into post.

Showing document metadata fields and button to insert file into post

I’m not completely happy with the result: just a link, no icon, no warning indicator of file type, and where are the caption and description it let me add? Perhaps there are features I have yet to understand. Meanwhile I can at least include a warning in the title.

Uploaded document

If I ever need to upload and immediately publish a document again, I’ll study how to create a nice post straight from email.


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