Tested “Quickpress” on Xoom tablet

Cannot recommend it:

It was a nightmare for me, but that might be because I’m too wordy and I don’t get my words right first go.

With QuickPress on Xoom tablet you can:

  • Compose a sentence – but don’t try to change after you leave a line.
  • Easily add comma-separated tags.
  • Pinch enlarge/shrink.
  • See a screen that looks like it should be easy to use. For example, following is the screen after I had typed a few lines:


Problems with QuickPress on Xoom tablet:

  • Bloody nuisance cursor: resisted appearing where directed; or would randomly disappear and enter typing elsewhere.
  • Keyboard disappears on enter for new line/paragraph, requiring another nightmare of trying to place the cursor.
  • Image cannot be added at cursor point, shunted to end of text.
  • Image automatically given alt of “image” with no opportunity to define one’s own. If this is necessary, ” ” (blank) would surely be better for alt text as who wants to hear “image” from a text reader?
  • No option to title or caption the image.
  • No option to format headings.

WordPress for Android might be better:

Quickpress via the Xoom tablet might be fine if you only want to write a sentence or two; or perhaps more if you can compose without falter – because heaven forbid you want to switch between lines to make a minor edit.

Sure you could also add an image with Quickpress via Xoom, if you’re not interested in it being accessible to visually impaired readers.

Perhaps next I will try to achieve either of these simple activities with WordPress for Android.


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