WordPress as CMS: an annotated reading list

by Brian White of Solo Multimedia for iThemes Media

Icon shared under CC-BY-SA-3.0 and available at iThemes’ WordPress as a CMS Tutorial Website.

… Still planning to post about my ongoing evaluation of the tablet-readiness of WordPress for content management…(Update: posted 28 May)

In the meantime, I am also gathering background reading because I will not rehash what others know, and have written, better than I could (yet).  Yesterday contained some (admittedly easily found) starter reading on content management and where information architects fit in.

Today its a list of (again easily found) reading on the no longer disputed fact that WordPress is content management software, if not quite a “large-enterprise-level” CMS.

Do two items count as a list?


… because it’ll make you laugh:

Jamie Oastler[1] explains why WordPress is not YET an enterprise-level CMS. For every 2010 lack in WordPress that Jamie lists, he (or his commenters as late as August 2011, post-WordPress 3.0) mention a plug-in or upgrade that fills the gap. (No that is not the joke, nor is the pretty header)

cute if you like tiny blue, muscled, demonic, big eyed aliens

kwouted to give you a glimpse of the cute header of Idealien Studios where Jamie blogged his WordPress limits.


Although Jamie’s gaps were pluggable (mathematically), Mike Schinkel[2] outlines a few circumstances which at the time and perhaps may still be beyond plugins and for which he would not recommend WordPress. They amount to situations requiring handling of complex or massive e-commerce, document, relationship or events management.

WordPress Answers, where Mike gave his list, is elegant but less photogenic. However I could not close the tab on the stackexchange that led me there:

Screen Capture of a question page at Programmers Stack Exchange because I like its design, its playful sketchy fonts and stickies.

+1 (its slightly more biased)

iThemes media created a tutorial site specifically to teach the CMS utility of WordPress.

Tell me…

Would you recommend any more essential reading on WordPress‘ utility as a content management system?

  1. Oastler, J. (2010, April 25). WordPress is not YET an enterprise-level CMS – Idealien Studios. Idealien Studios blog. Retrieved from http://idealienstudios.com/blog/wordpress-not-yet-enterprise-level-cms/ ___
  2. Schinkel, M. (2011, February 27). [Answer to Question] When should we NOT recommend a client use WordPress? WordPress Answers. Retrieved from http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/a/10596

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